Yoga & Natural Movement

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Yoga & Natural Movement

Yoga Classes Milford Haven and Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire      

“Connecting to the ground is step one, freeing inhibition in the spine step two, and then you breathe fully and deeply. You cannot think clearly with agitated breath, it is physiologically impossible, the body prioritises oxygen over everything else. These three steps; ground, spine and breath allow you to focus your attention freshly and receive the ease of your creative thinking mind, and then the moment and all its possibilities are yours.”

Andrea Olsen (Body stories, A Guide to Experiential Anatomy)


Shifting. Stretching. Releasing. Grounding.

You were born moving, and it is through movement that you can connect to your body and your breath. Modern life often pulls us from this natural state of being, and we can end up feeling disconnected from ourselves.

Reconnecting to your centre, your strength, and your joy can be a process of unlearning and relearning. It can be a journey back to your body, and to the simple pleasure of moving with ease.

This is a space dedicated to helping you find freedom in movement. Here, the focus is shifted from aesthetics, the appearance of the body, to function, the natural way our bodies move. Through this, we create a more sustainable relationship with our physical selves.  We move away from a place of judgment and criticism, and into a space of exploration and acceptance.

Classes are tailored to your specific ability and goals; whether this is for increased flexibility and freedom of movement as you get older, rehabilitation after injury, building your confidence and self-esteem or simply spending an hour focused purely on you. Everybody is welcome.

Based on Yoga and Natural Movement (MovNat principles), classes and sessions will help you to explore your physicality in a way that is playful, non-competitive and inclusive.

Classes include:


The MovNat approach is simple: get outside, move your body, and have fun! I offer MovNat classes and workshops to help you reconnect with your natural movement ability and to show you how easy and enjoyable it can be to move your body in new and interesting ways.


An ancient practice that has been used for centuries to help people achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing,  yoga is truly for everybody. I offer a variety of yoga classes to suit different abilities. 





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