I’ve been attending Johanna’s classes for several years and really enjoy the calm nature and pace of instruction. The movement and flow is gentle but can be deceptively effective in bringing attention to particular areas susceptible to tension from everyday activity. The focus on balance, posture and core strength helps me move more effectively and is always taught in a way that respects everyone’s level of ability. I’ve certainly noticed a positive impact in the way I pay more attention to what my body is telling me and how I ‘hold’ myself when doing everyday activity. In turn I think this has helped relieve me of previous longstanding issues with tension headache and migraines. WW 6/23

Johanna’s class is the perfect mix of movement and moments – being in the body and taking time to notice. Working on releasing, breathing, stretching. I appreciate the tips and adaptations to work with where I am and going with my flow. I value it every week and whenever I’ve missed a class, I really notice! LD 6/23

I’m very happy to say the sustainable movement classes have honestly been a lifeline in pandemic year. Not only in helping to stay flexible and toned but also, especially in the dark winter nights, providing a connection outside our little bubble. I’ve been on extra grand parenting since Christmas and I certainly need the strength and flexibility to keep going. SP

Your online movement classes are an excellent way of continuing with mindful exercise during lockdown. They feel like a personal one to one class and a community event all at once. It has been interesting following the different focus of the class and I have found the shoulder work particularly useful, and challenging. MS

Jo’s Wednesday evening sustainable movement classes are a lovely to way to unwind. She focuses on different areas of the body and encourages us to stretch and move in ways that reach those muscle groups and joints that are often overlooked or neglected. I know from experience that if you do not exercise your scapula, this will lead to problems with your shoulder and neck – so I am always pleased when Jo gives this, often unsung, part of the anatomy due attention. She is a lovely teacher with a calm manner and melifluous voice. It is always lovely, and never more so than in lockdown, to spend time with her and to benefit from her anatomical wisdom and warm guidance. MM

“It felt like a lovely gentle class yesterday. A great re-introduction after the break. But as ever, the gentleness is deceptive – my arms have really had a work out I can feel today! Thanks for the stretch. It feels good”. KD

“I’ve been practising with Jo for about five years now. Her class style is warm, welcoming, and well paced, with a good dash of humour and realism. The movement is intentional, being focused and with a quiet strength. I value how she adapts poses to include us all, gives us accessible explanations of anatomy and technique, and brings new approaches to us from her own development and practice. She’s helped me a lot in terms of the yoga ideas of breath, alignment, balance, weight, necessary tension/ support. I always look forward to class”.LD

“As a Yoga teacher, it is far too easy to get stuck in one way of being in your body. I was delighted to be able to attend one of Johanna’s online classes. I came to the class not knowing what to expect, and was delighted by what I experienced. I felt so completely present in my body. Perhaps more than I sometimes am when I am doing my ‘old familiar practices’. Johanna’s gentle presence and knowledgeable teaching had me noticing parts of my body I hadn;t connected with for a while, and I felt totally grounded and peaceful in my whole being. I highly recommend Johanna’s teaching if you are looking to reconnect with your body, and remind yourself how wonderful it is!” EN

“I’ve been going to Jo’s classes for years and I highly recommend them. Jo creates a calm, fun and relaxed atmosphere which respects everyone’s individual needs.Giving you an opportunity to grow your yoga practice at a pace that’s suited to you”. RK

“I enjoyed the Scaravelli teaching at your class and found it very beneficial to my practice.I have been doing yoga for 17 years and came to yoga through pranayama, I find the asanas a struggle at times but enjoy the benefits of being able to meditate in a deeper way.My old ankle injuries and clicking knees sometimes mean I am afraid to really bring my energy lower into my body.Your class allowed me to become settled into my ankles and my knees and to ground in a much deeper way than before.The effect on my postures was firming and empowering – I have not felt like this in the postures before and it is something that I will definitely continue to explore. Many thanks Johanna”. JB

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