‘The Tree’ is one of my favourite yoga poses for balance, building strength, ankle stability and calming the mind. A complex set of sensory inputs, inner ear (vestibular), eyesight and proprioceptive sensing (touch) feed into the nervous system in humans to maintain healthy balance. In upright yoga poses like The Tree, we are exploring the quality of grounding and stability. Engaging key muscles in the legs, hips and core we can work towards keeping the lower body stable whilst allowing our upper body and breathing to remain free and responsive.

Explore – Tree Pose

• Standing up tall, place the heel of your foot on top of the other or inside of lower leg (Avoid pushing into the knee joint).

• Try to keep your balance, steady in the ankles, press evenly into the four corners of the standing foot and big toe.

• Reach your arms up wide above your head, relax your shoulders.

• Quieten the mind, keep your breathing steady and relaxed.

• If you feel a bit wobbly use a wall or someone in your family to help keep you steady.

• Try changing your arm positions, taking one arm out to the side, and make a tree with a branch.

• Don’t forget to smile 🙂

Johanna is an experienced yoga teacher offering relaxed, friendly yoga classes for different age groups in Cardiff and the surrounding area. Release unwanted stress and tension. Improve strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. Most importantly, laugh, smile and enjoy an hour of healthy movement. See timetable details for the next June half term of classes in Gwaelod y garth and Chapter Arts Centre, Canton, Cardiff.


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